Where I’ve Been

I know I have not been the most consistent when it comes to posting over here but this time around I have an actual reason. Its ironic that the name of this blog is Lost in the world because for the past 10 months that’s exactly what I’ve been. And there’s no amazing grace over here as I am still not found.

My mom passed away in June last year and to say my whole world shattered is the understatement of the century. I’m still trying to figure out who I am without her, I think I spent the majority of my life just being her daughter I’m not sure who I am without her. I am lost!

I woke up missing her like crazy this morning and instead of the usual staring at pictures of her and listening to her voice notes I decided to write this post. I’ll most likely still do those things after posting this though.

My mother was my everything and probably the best person I will ever meet. She literally lit up every room she walked into, the darkness I’ve been in is unimaginable. I’m basically taking it one day at a time but I’m missing a huge chunk of my heart so even that one day at a time is hard to do. April is my mother’s birth month, so I find myself thinking of her even more.

This is proof of life post really to say I am still around I’m grieving my mother.

I’m writing this post to express my feelings I suppose. I’m in therapy now can you tell?


Mozambique Trip pt1

Hey good people here is the rundown on the trip I took to Moz with Zulu Nomad. Going on this trip was nerve-wrecking for 2 reasons : 1) I was going on a 5 day trip with people I don’t know total strangers guys, and 2) I struggle with driving long distance.

So there we were at the meet up point at 3am introducing ourselves from our respective ubers, a couple of hours later we were bonding over the fact that we hate long drives(sorry for leading the nag team Phaka) and we also bonded over the fact that we could buy 1gig of data for R20(Score!!!!). 16 Hours later we checked in to the Palm View Lodge in Barra/Tofo and the adventure began.

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Processed with VSCO with kk2 presetProcessed with VSCO with kk2 preset


Allow me to introduce myself…..

My name is Ofentse but they call me Fancy and all I really want to do is travel . So this blog is going feature a lot of travel, where I’ve been, where I wanna go and my life in between. I’m kinda still finding myself as well hence the name of the blog * wink wink* .I also realize that this should have been my first post but my blog my rules or my blog no rules rather. I’m not much of a writer so it will be mostly pictures (you’re welcome). Here are some images that encapsulate where my head is at:

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