Introducing: Travelbug Stokvel

So I decided that 2017 is the year for travel and adventure and I met up with two young ladies who promise to help me in my plight, they go by the name Travelbug Stokvel.


Introduce yourselves:

We are Travelbug Stokvel: Jabulile Koapa and Sophie Maaroganye.


We have known each other for 14 years now, we met at Vega, the school of brand communication where we had the opportunity to work together on creative projects, from there a friendship was formed, and now, we have partnered into a passion venture for travel.Our passion for travel and creative background has led us to find ways to provide people with access to travel that will form an inherent part of their lives by removing the barriers to save and plan for a trip successfully.We have a view that travel is not merely spending money carelessly, but it is an investment to oneself. And if done the right way, it is rewarding in terms of broadening ones views and how one relates and engages with the world and those who live in it.

How did the idea for the Travelbugstokvel come about?

We love to travel, and if we could travel at every chance we get, we definitely would do it. But then again, we don’t always have the money or the discipline to save up for it. This was one way we thought of making it possible, saving over a long term with like minded people, with a common goal in mind, that’s how Travelbug Stokvel came about, it is saving for travel collectively.

Does the Travelbugstokvel have a target market?  Is there a certain demographic?

The primary traveler we are looking at is young people, who are employed and those who are young at heart. This is for someone who has thought about travelling and has not had the opportunity to, because of the existing barriers to travel. Or someone who already loves to travel but would like to do more of it.

What is the limit to the number of people per trip?

We are currently catering for 28 people per trip. It’s a good number for diversity.

How do you select the travel destinations?

So far, the travel destinations we have selected are the ones we have been to and loved. And so, we are confident that we will offer our travelers a good experience.

How many trips do you plan/organise per year?

 Since this is our inception year, we are looking at 2 group trips. One within the African continent and the other outside of the continent. We aim to strike the balance between the two destinations, whilst we give access to travel abroad – to Eurocentric countries, we also feel that it is imperative that we also bring focus to our own continent.

Are there activities planned for the trips?

 Yes, there will be an itinerary for each trip. This will offer a fine balance between own time to explore and staying with the group. After all, it is the travelers holiday, they do not need to feel stifled by being in a group at all time. So, group activities will take place and some days will be up to the traveler to explore at their leisure.

For more info: Email us at or follow us on Instagram @travelbugstokvel and Facebook